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About Us

We are ADFvideo Bay Area, and we know about the power of inspirational storytelling. Your story can be easily understood and shared with a powerful video. This is why we are eager to communicate your message through dynamic digital storytelling. ADFvideo Bay Area can help you connect with your targeted audiences by revealing what you do in a compelling way. We know sharing your vision and your story, through video on every platform, helps you do just that…quickly and effectively.

ADFvideo Bay Area was founded by Alan Filippi in 2011, after a 22 year career as a television news videographer.

We pride ourselves on telling stories with our creative and compelling videos. From professional lighting, to unique angles and natural sound, we strive to immerse the viewer in the story, allowing them to experience it firsthand.

Having decades of experience producing engaging video content under tight deadlines, ADFvideo Bay Area knows how to work nimbly, efficiently, and creatively, with a keen eye toward capturing beauty and authenticity in our work. We believe watching our videos should be an active experience, not a passive process.

As with recent projects for the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District, Petaluma Police Department, Kid Nuz, and many others, ADFvideo Bay Area will brainstorm and collaborate to make fresh, creative digital content for you. Every piece of content is an opportunity to craft an accompanying social media element to help you immerse every platform with your message and brand.

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