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Video Production

Video itself is the heart and soul of any story. To help tell your story, we work tirelessly to capture beautiful images. Using our knowledge of composition, colors, and lighting, as well as, employing the best in digital video equipment, we strive to make your story shine visually.

  • Digital Cinema Cameras
  • HD and 4K Productions
  • Comprehensive Grip and Lighting
  • On Location Audio Recording
  • Aerial Cinematography

Pre/Post Production

Being organized in pre-production sets the pace of the entire project. Having a defined concept, well written script, and detailed storyboards, streamlines the production and edit process by knowing exactly what is needed and what is not. Guiding your video through the edit process to delivery is what post-production is all about. We will be in contact the whole way, sharing ideas, and listening to your feedback. Our goal is to tell your story well, and we’re not happy until you’re happy.

  • Concept, Message, Target Audience
  • Well Written Script
  • Detailed Storyboards
  • Client Feedback and Edit Revisions
  • Delivery

Editing/Motion Graphics

Editing is where all of the pieces come together and the story comes to life. The look and feel take shape. Music is applied to drive the emotion, and we start to get a sense of how your audience will feel when they watch. Graphics help shape the style, and enhance the look of the video as well. They add to the production quality, enhance content, and stylize your message.

  • Non Linear Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Color Grading
  • Audio Mixing


The producer is the bandleader of your project. They will listen to your concept, define your message, and identify your audience. They will write your script, and oversee all stages of production. Our producers will ensure that your video, as well as your experience, is a success.

  • Client Contact
  • Scriptwriting
  • Production Planning
  • Delivery to Client

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