Video Editing & Post Production

Video Editing & Post Production


The editing stage is among the most important stages of production. This is where images and sound are blended together and the story comes to life. It makes us feel emotionally connected and truly present in what we’re watching. More importantly, building an emotional connection with your audience makes your content all the more impactful.


The editing process brings together individual clips to become a cohesive story. Decisions are made about coloring, visual effects, transitions, and more. Here we decide the pacing of the video and how all the shots will work together to create a unified whole. During this process ADFvideo Bay Area will:

  • Carefully review all content to formulate putting it all together.
  • Work with the client, producer, and others, to create a flow that engages the audience.
  • Color Grade all clips for a highly professional look or to create a certain mood.
  • Create Motion Graphics, compatible with your branding, to enhance your message.
  • Build Sound Design by audio cleaning, mixing, music, natural sound, interviews and effects.

Recent Editing Work

We look forward to helping you with your next video editing project! At ADFvideo Bay Area we don’t just deliver a product you are happy with, but one that goes beyond your expectation. We strive for that, “WOW” factor every time! Take a look at some of our recent work.

ADFvideo Bay Area Editing Reel

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