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We know about the power of inspirational storytelling. Your story can be easily understood and shared with a powerful video. This is why we are eager to communicate your message through dynamic digital storytelling.

Video Production

Video itself is the heart and soul of any story. To help tell your story we work tirelessly to capture beautiful images…

Pre/Post Production

Being organized in pre-production sets the pace of the entire project. Having a defined concept, script and storyboar…

Editing/Motion Graphics

Editing is where all of the pieces come together and the story comes to life. The look and feel takes place…


The producer is the bandleader of your project. They will listen to your concept, define your message…

Full Spectrum Video Production

ADFvideo Bay Area

Our Mission

Video offers many creative opportunities to both inform, and excite, your desired demographic. As a team, we offer a number of ideas worth sharing, and welcome the opportunity to share them with you.

Our aspiration at ADFvideo Bay Area is that you are happy with your finished product, and that it completely accomplishes your goals. We will work with you from the very start of your project to create content to fit those goals. In order to stay on target, we regularly share our production plans, and ask for your approval along the way. We want to create your ideal content, within your budget, and on time.

While everyone will boast the same characteristics, we believe that what makes our team standout is our ability to work efficiently in small, flexible crews, as well as, on large scale productions. Our background and experience make us acutely aware of viewer habits, and hungry to produce content that will help you increase engagement and followers. These attributes can all be leveraged to help you gain the most milage out of your video campaign.

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